Our Mission:

Creating community.

Houses into Homes believes that our community is strengthened when people know that others in the community genuinely care for their well-being.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help people feel the comfort of home, no matter their circumstances, and, critically to always do so in a way that honors their experience and engages with them in dignity.

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Our Impact

Since we first met in early January 2018 to discuss the possibility of such an effort, we have served 100 adults and 160 children across the 75 referrals we have received. 125 of the 160 children have been of school-age. For many of those children, these are the first time they have had their own beds to sleep on, the first couches they have had as theirs, the first dinner tables they have had in their home, and the first art that has hung off their walls. These deliveries have involved  150 beds (mattresses and boxsprings) and around 50 couches, as well as dozens of sheet sets, towels, bath mats, and more (e.g., entertainment centers, dinner tables, chairs, art). An additional benefit is that much of this furniture has also been kept out of the landfill.


Our Programs


Houses into Homes is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides beds, furniture, and other household goods to families and individuals in need or transitioning out of homelessness in the Iowa City area. In so doing, we also relieve local agencies of that work and, by devoting our full energies to it, hope to achieve that outcome in a more rapid and complete way than has been ever possible in our community.

Referral Agencies

Houses into Homes works through local social service agencies, who determine need and make a referral. When a referral comes to the top of the waiting list, Houses into Homes contacts that household to arrange delivery. Click here for a list of referral agencies.


July 2017

Thank you guys so much. You just don’t know how much joy you have brought my family and I. We are so grateful. Our daughters are loving the furniture and home now feels more like home. Thank you guys so much. We really appreciate it!!!