Waiting list

We have an all-time high of 33 households on our waiting list, including 63 children, over 50 of whom are sleeping on the floor. We expect referrals to increase when school begins in a few weeks! 

Please help us help our community in need any of the following ways:

*Donate a twin bed (mattresses and box springs), full-size bed (mattresses and box springs) or queen box springs.

*Sign up to volunteer! You can find the link on our website or direct message us here on Facebook. The more volunteers we know we can count on (for this Sunday), the more households we can deliver to!

*Share our information! If you don’t have beds to donate, someone in your network likely does. We need all the help we can find to get our kids off of the floor and into beds before school starts. 🛏🧡

We cannot do this without your help! Community donations, support, and volunteers are critical in determining how many families we can serve. We appreciate you all so much!

Lucy Barker